Sergio’s featured on the Cooking Channel!

Carlos Gazitua and Ali Khan make empanadas on Cheap Eats

Sergio’s Bird Road was featured on the Cooking Channel’s ‘Cheap Eats’ with host Ali Khan! Ali is the ultimate foodie, and is the author of the Bang for Your Burger Buck blog.

The show’s concept is to give Ali just 12 hours to find the best deals for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner — all for $35 or less. So Sergio’s CEO Carlos Gazitua wanted to serve up some empanadas – part of many people’s daily routine in Miami.

Carlos showed Ali how to prepare Sergio’s famous empanadas. Empanadas are definitely one of Sergio’s specialties – with 10 flavors available for breakfast. Ali was very impressed calling Carlos “The empanada king in Miami.”

The two joked around while preparing the filling for picadillo empanadas – the ultimate Cuban comfort food. Ali was blown away by the taste of the filling, and even got a lesson from Carlos on how to properly peel a ripe plantain to get the sweet flavor to caramelize properly.

After working in the kitchen, Carlos and Ali finished off the segment by drinking a cafe bon bon and cafe con leche! Ali was very satisfied and left ready to conquer the rest of his day!

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